Welcome to Unimelb Adventures!


My name is Daphane and I am the person behind this blog! 

Just to quickly introduce myself – I’m going into my second year of a Bachelor of Science, and I’m absolutely loving my studies here at Melbourne Uni! I’m planning to major in Zoology, and hopefully do my Master of Teaching after completing my undergrad. I am also a staff member at the university, so if you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment!

After many months of deliberation, I have finally decided to put fingers to keyboard and start a blog with all things uni! Such as – university news, events, parties, subject reviews, best place on campus for coffees etc. This blog is targeted, but of course not limited to, new Melbourne University students to give you all a sense of what university is like.

And just as a disclaimer and to set the record straight – I am not paid nor endorsed by the university to produce this blog. This is MY blog about the university, and the information on this blog is published to the best of my knowledge. I will not be responsible for anything if my advice is incorrect.

So hopefully you enjoy this blog! There will be plenty of posts to come, so stay tuned!


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