‘Before calling 13 MELB’ checklist

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As it is the busiest time of the year, the waiting times to get help through to 13 MELB has jumped through the roof! So I have put together a little checklist for you to go through before jumping on the phones for help!


  1. Looked up your question on Ask.Unimelb? This is the university’s new FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), and is constantly updated.
  2. Searched through the general search engine?
  3. Looked at your faculty’s website for a DIRECT number? Some faculties list their direct numbers on their website while some do not. AND, if you do some digging into application forms and such, sometimes their direct number is listed there. (sneaky sneaky!)
  4. Gone to your faculty’s facebook page and browsed through other students’ posts? Most of the time, other students will be experiencing the same issue and will post it on the facebook page. Sometimes the facebook admins will publicly list their direct phone numbers and emails! (WIN) And from experience, this is the fastest way to get an answer!
  5. Looked at the Contact Directory or Find an Expert website?
  6. Asked a friend?

Now, if you have checked off those 7 points above…then it’s time to call 13 MELB.

I’d highly suggest you charge your phone, grab a coffee and get your ‘patience’ hat on. If I were you, I’d be smart and call either very early, or later in the afternoon. Personally, the best way to get your questions answered is to physically go into uni and speak to someone in person. Listed below are 13 MELB’s details!

Phone number: 13 MELB (13 6352)

Email address: 13melb@unimelb.edu.au

Opening hours: 9.00am-7.30pm (The contact centre has extended their opening hours during this busy period!)

Hope this help you!


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