Looking to make some easy cash and contribute to research? Keep reading!

Courtesy of http://whatthepupisup.com/page/8/
Courtesy of http://whatthepupisup.com/page/8/

DID YOU KNOW, that you can partake in psychology experiments at the university and get reimbursed for your participation?!

A LOT of students are unaware of this, and I just thought I’d make a quick post to spread the word! 

Where can I find out about these paid research opportunities?

  • If you pop into REDMOND BARRY (not richard berry – big difference!), take a lift up to level 10/11/12. There will be noticeboards around the lift foyer area, and on these noticeboards – there will be posters there advertising for research participants!

ImageWhat kind of experiments do they do?

  • A whole lot really! Today, I participated in a Visual Cognition experiment that involved me tracking some objects on a computer screen, and then hitting the space bar every time the objects flash. It went for about an hour, and I got reimbursed $15. Too easy!!
  • The coolest experiment that I’ve participated in involved me getting some MRI brain scans done! I got reimbursed $80 for that, and I receive a CD with my scans on them too! And I also got an EEG done (measuring electrical brain activity). Check out my pics below!
Say hello to Daphane’s brain!

Oooh, sounds awesome Daph. Do I have to a psychology student to do these paid experiments?

  • Answer is no! You can be a commerce/biomed/staff member etc to participate! But bear in mind that most experiments have set eligibility such as – over the age of 18, health status etc. So, just check the poster before making contact with them!

WARNING TO PSYCH STUDENTS: For those students studying psychology, please do not get these confused with the research hours that you have to do to meet the hurdle requirement. So just to provide a bit of context – students studying first year psych have to complete 3 hours of research participation in order to pass their subject. These 3 hours of participation ARE NOT PAID and do not go towards those 3 hours.

Do you know if there are currently any psych research looking for participants?

  • Yes, in fact I do! If you would like to participate in some research, you can email piers.howe.ra@gmail.com and ask to join their mailing list. That way, you will receive notification of experiments!
  • And again, pop into Redmond Barry when you’re next at uni and check out the noticeboards!

Hope you’ve found this post handy when you’re looking to make some easy cash on campus!


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