Where can I find the key dates for uni? (2013 Academic Calendar)

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Gooooood afternoon!

Have you noticed my new widgets on the right side of the screen!? One of them is the ‘Upcoming Events’ – and I’ve had some positive feedback about it (thanks!). But did you know that you can access a full academic calendar online? In fact – you can access the 2013, 2014 AND 2015 calendars!!

Back in the old days! R.I.P student diary

In the past, the university would publish student diaries for everyone! But due to a number of reasons, they have discontinued it. (If you are curious as to why they discontinued it, click this to have a read all about it).

But, grab a pen and your diary out – and write these dates in! I’ve pulled this table straight out from the university website, but I’d recommend that you visit the website (click me!) just in case anything changes in the future.

Warning! Just be careful if you are planning to go on a holiday and such. Some of the dates can be deceiving. For example – the calendar says that the end of semester one is sunday 2 June, but wait! This doesn’t include exams! Exams for semester one are between 11 June – 28 June. So…be careful!

Day/Date Activity
Monday 7 January to Sunday 3 March Summer Term (8 weeks)
Monday 14 January to Friday 18 January Special/Supplementary Examinations Part 2 (Semester 2, 2012)
Wednesday 23 January Academic Advice Day 1
Monday 28 January University holiday for Australia Day
Friday 8 February to Saturday 9 February Council Planning Conference
Monday 18 February to Friday 22 February Summer Semester Exam
Thursday 21 February Academic Advice Day 2
Friday 22 February Study Abroad and Exchange Students’ Enrolment Day
Tuesday 26 February to Friday 1 March Week O: Orientation for all students
Monday 4 March to Sunday 2 June Semester 1 (12 teaching weeks)
Wednesday 6 March Graduate Careers Fair
Good Friday 29 March – Sunday 7 April Easter Non Teaching Period & UA (previously AVCC) Common Week
Thursday 25 April Anzac Day – University Holiday
Monday 3 June – Sunday 28 July Winter Recess (8 weeks)
Monday 3 June – Friday 7 June SWOT Vac
Tuesday 11 June – Friday 28 June Examinations
Monday 8 July to Sunday 14 July UA (previously AVCC) Common Vacation Week
Friday 12 July Results final release date
Thursday 18 July – Wednesday 24 July Special/Supplementary Examinations
Monday 29 July to Sunday 27 October Semester 2 (12 teaching weeks)
Sunday 18 August Melbourne Open Day
Monday 30 September to Sunday 6 October Non Teaching Period & UA (previously AVCC) Common Week
Tuesday 1 October to Sunday 8 October 2013 Festival of ideas
Monday 28 October to Friday 1 November SWOT Vac
Tuesday 5 November Melbourne Cup Day (not a University Holiday)
Monday 4 November to Friday 22 November Examinations
Friday 6 December Results final release date
Thursday 12 December to Tuesday 17 December Special/Supplementary Examinations Part 1

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