What is O'camp?


Remember that one time, on o’camp?

What is o’camp?

‘O’camp’ is short for orientation camp. They are run by the bigger clubs and societies for incoming first year students. These camps are an excellent way to meet new people before the semester starts. The camps tend to run in late Feb, around o’week. Camps will sell out, so you have to sign up quick to attend. I know that people queue up in the wee hours of the morning for Arts o’camp tickets.

What happens on o’camp?

Everything that you may have heard about o’camp, is most likely to be true. Frankly – a lot of drinking, dancing, and crazy things. Yes, it lives up to its expectations.

My o’camp experience

Photo: Christopher Tass-Parker

I went to the SSS (Science) O’camp when I was a first year in 2012.

I was a bit hesitant about going because of the reputation around these kind of camps. The booze, nudity, crazy shenanigans weren’t my kind of thing. But I went anyways…and it was the best decision I’ve ever made!

We were bused up to Campaspe Downs in Kyneton on Friday morning for the weekend. We played lots of drinking games, managed to fit 60+ people in a sauna, created massive whirlpools in a swimming pool, danced the night away etc.

However, if you absolutely cannot tolerate alcohol, nudity, vomiting…then o’camp may not be your cup of tea.

Where can I sign up?

O’camp advertising isn’t very big. In fact – majority of people don’t even find out about it until it’s too late.

Most of the clubs will be advertising their camps on Academic Advice Day, and some even during o’week. I know for certain that SSS, Arts, Envi, Eng run a camp. The best way to find out about camps is through their facebook pages.

Tips to survive o’camp

1. Bring clothes you are happy to get wrecked – TRUST ME

2. Be prepared to get nice and close with strangers

3. You don’t have to participate if you don’t want to. People-watching is great fun

4. Don’t bring rented costumes. They will get wrecked and you will lose things

5. Know your limits. The emergency room is no fun for you, or for the hosts.

6. Everything will smell like goon. Fresh clothes for the trip home is a good idea.

7. Bring extra food or you will starve. The food quality is not the best.

I’ve never met anyone for returned back from o’camp who didn’t have a good time. Camps are seriously great fun, you will return will hundreds of new friends and crazy stories to tell everyone. 




2 thoughts on “What is O'camp?

    1. Hi there young one! Hmm…you’ll have to get in touch with the people running the camp. I know that my friends sneakily changed their date of birth on their camp forms last year and they were still able to head off to camp. But there should be contact details listed somewhere on their website/facebook page.

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