Happy Chinese New Year!

To those who are curious about my cultural background – I was born in Singapore, and moved to Australia with the family 10 years ago. So, celebrating CNY is in my blood!

Like any other cultural celebration, food is the heart of the festives! Sticking to tradition, the whole family gathered together last night for a ‘steamboat’ dinner. And this morning, me and my family headed off into the city for some Yum Cha! Delicious!

So. Much. Food. Cannot. Move.

2013 will be the year of the snake. And there’s lots of old school Chinese folk that suggest that this year may bring bad luck – but I highly disagree!

I’ve got a really good feeling about this year and I look forward to everything that 2013 will bring. I’ve had a fantastic start to uni, and I cannot wait to get back into everything! And I’m sure that you will all have an awesome year at uni!

Anyways, I’m not going to dwell on for too much longer with this post. I’ve got a couple more that I want to write before the end of tonight. Happy chinese new year to you all!

2 thoughts on “Happy Chinese New Year!

  1. Happy Chinese new year! So funny that there are so many if us in the same predicament- food comas, so full we can’t move. Do you think it’s a cultural thing that family show affection through the display and quantity of food at New Year? Round two today, jiaoxi! X

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