Daphane is out on research! (12 Feb – 15 Feb)

Courtesy of http://www.inheritearth.com.au

Just so you don’t freak out and wonder why I haven’t posted anything in the coming days…it’s not because I’ve run out of ideas to blog about! And it’s not because I don’t love you anymore!

I will be out volunteering on French Island to assist with the research of the endangered marsupial, Eastern Barred Bandicoot! They’re a strange little critter, check out their pointy nose! And hopefully we’ll get a chance to check out other animals on the island – particularly koalas! Apparently they’re everywhere down there.

I’m super excited to have this opportunity to get some experience out in the field, and was so happy to get time off work this week to be able to do this! *happy dance*

I’m not sure if I will have internet/reception on the island, but I will be handwriting my posts in my lovely notebook during my trip (that is if I remember how to write). And I’ll load them up on the net when I get back on Friday/Saturday.

Till then, I hope you have a lovely week and Valentine’s Day!


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