What is the LMS?/Lecture Recordings/Assignments

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Uni is fast approaching, and soon your subject coordinators will begin to active their subject’s LMS! So here is a guide to help you navigate through your LMS.

What is LMS?

LMS is short for ‘Learning Management System’ where you can find your lecture slides, readings, discussion pages etc.

For more info: click me to be directed to ask.unimelb’s FAQ

How can I access it?

You can access the LMS in 2 ways:

1) Through your student portal


When your subject’s LMS pages are activated, the subject names will turn blue (see 1), and you can click on it to be directed to the page. For FAQs (see 2). To go to the LMS home page (see 3).

2) Head directly to the LMS page: http://www.lms.unimelb.edu.au/


Let’s have a look at an active LMS page!

So here is what the LMS home page looks like (see below)! It appears that I’m still enrolled into PSYC10004 and EDUC10050 (which I have already completed last year, so I’m not sure why it’s still there – but eh, I’m not too fussed about it).


You can personalise your LMS page if you click on the ‘Personalise Page’ button. In this case, I have added a splash of colour to mine!

Let’s see what the Psyc10004 page looks like


On your left hand side, you can find important tabs such as ‘Lectures’ for your slides, ‘Staff information’ for their contact information etc.

Just bear in mind, that the tabs on your LMS will be different. It depends on your subject coordinator.

How does one access their lecture recordings?

If you click on the ‘Lectures’ tab, then onto ‘Lecture Capture’…


You will be directed to this page! This page has changed since last year! So current students – check this out too!Image

You can download the lecture onto your ipod/computer, or you can just stream straight off the net when you hit the ‘Play’ button! And when you hit the play button, you’ll be directed to this page!


A heads up about submitting assignments…


Sometimes, you will be required to submit your assignments through turnitin (Turn-it-in), which is found on your LMS page. And I just want to give you all a bit of warning, that this system WILL pick up any similarities between your assignment and other works available on the net/past assignments etc. So…DON’T PLAGIARISE! You won’t get away with it.

ImageHere’s an example of my breadth’s essay when it’s been put through turnitin. It picked up bits in my essay where it was similar to other sources on the net. (No, I did not plagiarise! It’s just wording and terms that are similar to other essays – unavoidable stuff)


If you have any trouble with the LMS page: check out these links for help!

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