Rowden White Library

The Rowden White Library is probably one of my favourite spots on campus and you’ll understand in a sec.

Firstly: Rowden White has an amazing collection that you can borrow from! This includes DVDs, music, books, computer games, comics…and so much more! They’re always updating their collection, so there’s always new stuff to look forward to.

Secondly: The listening room with all the beans bags is awesome! Super super comfy goodness. Once you walk in here, it’s like you’ve walked into a massive snooze fest!

Thirdly: The relaxed atmosphere!

Something notable to mention as well – the Rowden White staff members are so lovely and helpful! (A shout out to Clint who helped me today!)


If you’re on of those people who needs silence to study (like me), I don’t think this is the right library for you. But if you’re looking for a place to kill time, chill out, or snooze in between lectures, this is the perfect place for you! :)

Everything you need to know about Rowdy

Where: Second Floor of Union House


Phone: 8344 6967

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 10am-6pm


Faceby B:


Next time you’re on campus – make sure you pay Rowden White a visit and check out their awesome collection of goodies!

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