EDIT: Harlem Shake at Melbourne Uni!

Courtesy of http://www.brooklynvegan.com

UPDATE: The Student Union is now in charge of organising the Harlem Shake fiasco, and it’s now the 26th March at South Lawn. Meet at 12.30pm for a 12.45 start. Beg your host leader to take you there!

You’ll probably sick to death hearing all about the Harlem Shake…but a little bird has told me that we will be doing our very own Harlem Shake on campus! Jump on board, get some props/costumes, and get your best dance moves ready!

So put this into your diaries!


Join the Melbourne Uni Harlem Shake facebook event page and check out the student union’s website to stay updated!

For those who don’t know what the fuss is about this Harlem Shake shebang, watch this:


Make sure you tell all your friends about it! I know I’ll definitely be there!

Please note: this is not my event! I am not responsible for any damage to the campus ground, nor will I be held responsible for any injuries during the event. (I just thought I’d put a disclaimer so I won’t get into trouble or anything…JUST IN CASE!)

*and for those of you wondering why I reposted this – something weird happened with wordpress again! Stop messing with my blog wordpress fairies!

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