I need a place to live! (Student Housing)

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Sick of your stinky roommates? House hunting? Are you looking for a new place to live?

You’ve come to the right post! Today’s post will be all about student housing and all of the services they offer. Here are a couple of FAQs that I’m dealing with at work.

Where can I find accommodation?

On campus: If you’re looking at living on campus at one of the colleges, head to the Residential Colleges‘ website. I’ve got friends who live on college and they absolutely love it there! (I am super jealous of them!) If you are interested, here’s a link to get in touch with the colleges!

Off campus: There are a number of places that you can search for places to live. Here are a couple of them…

  • Housing Online Noticeboard – This is Student Housing’s noticeboard for house listings. You will need to register to view the contact details for the listings.


  • Noticeboards in Union House: People post up house listings here too!


  • Other external websites on goggle and such. I know that UniLodge and College Square are really really close to uni.

TIP: there is also a house hunting drop in service available to currently enrolled students. Make sure you register because places are limited!

Are there any other housing options available?

Yes! There is the Student Housing Access Program (SHAP) which is where students can live in share houses owned by the university. There is a eligibility criteria that you have to fit if you want to apply for it. Places are limited, so even if you put an application in – it’s best that you look into all housing options. For more info, click me!

I need tenancy advice – I’m having issues with my housing arrangements.

If you are having any issues in regards to dodgy landlords, real estate agents, nightmare-ish housemates, or even with the facility you’ve staying in…Student Housing can help you!

Head to their website for more information about tenancy issues (link is here). I would recommend that you book an appointment asap if you are having any issues.

I’m looking for temporary housing.

Colleges do offer casual accommodation (that is, it there is availability of beds). And Student Housing have put a list out of temporary accommodation out on their website.

Check it out here!

I need Emergency accommodation!

If you ever need emergency short term accommodation, Student Housing can help! Go to this link for details!

How do I book an appointment? I can’t find the booking link on their website?

Something I find silly – there’s no booking link on their website!

Follow this link: Student Booking System

Then, enter you log in details. Hit the ‘Make a Booking’ button


Then select ‘Housing Services’. And then there are three types of appointment. Select one, and just follow the prompts!Image

Generally, appointments come out a week in advance. And once you’ve booked yourself in – a confirmation email will be sent to your student email!

If you are having trouble booking an appointment, give 13 MELB a call.

Essential contact details:


Where: Baldwin Spencer Building

Email: housing-info@unimelb.edu.au

Phone: 13 MELB (13 6352)

Website: www.services.unimelb.edu.au/housing/

Just remember, Student Housing is there to help you! Don’t be afraid to pop in/call for help.

Last tip: If you want to speak to someone who knows their stuff, book an appointment. (The front counter staff gives out general info). At this time of the year, it’s mostly appointment-based contact. And booking an appointment to see someone saves you from having to repeat the entire story all over again to another staff member.


Happy house hunting!

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