Safer Community Program launches Unisafe app!


The Safer Community Program is making our university a safer place! As part of their initiative, they have created a nifty app called UniSafe which is available for free on both android and apple mobile phones.

What’s on the app?

There’s lots of important information on the app. Along with security’s numbers, you can check out support services available on campus such as counselling and psychological services, disability liaison, international student support etc. There’s also personal safety tips on there,  you can call for a security escort if you feel unsafe walking around campus and so much more!

I really like the app!

It’s easy to use, everything loads fast, no errors popping up…and most importantly, it is user friendly!

What I love about it, is that you can call campus security through the app! Don’t be afraid that if you accidentally hit the ‘call’ button, it will start dialling. You will be direct to another page asking you to CONFIRM that you want to call them.

TIP: to return to the home screen, just tap on the static heading that says ‘Safer Community Program’ on the top right. Easier than having to scroll all the way up and hit the back button.

Something that I’d like to point out…

If you have the UniMelb and UniSafe app side by side, they look IDENTICAL, and even have almost the same name! A possible scenario I can think of, is that in an emergency you can accidentally hit UniMelb instead of UniSafe. So avoid putting those two apps side by side on your phones ;)

IMG_1741 2d

Where can I download the app?

For android: here

For apple: here

If you have any enquiries…

Head to their website:

Shoot an email to:

Their office is based in 138 Cardigan Street

Call 9035 8675

And don’t forget to like them on Facebook (yes, they have facebook too!)

Download Unisafe! Better to be safe than sorry folks. And make sure that if you see anything out of the ordinary, or anything suspicious to call campus security right away!

p.s – If anyone see my favourite security staff, Kosta, around campus – do say hi! He is awesome! You can’t miss him, he walks around campus like a boss with a big smile on his face.

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