CHEM10003: Chemistry 1

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Chemistry 1 was reviewed by Kelly Jones. She is currently a second year science student, looking at majoring in Human Structure and Function.

When was the subject taken?

Semester 1, 2012

What topics were covered in the subject?

I think there’s a review on this subject already, which sums it up pretty well :D

See link:

What textbooks/workbooks were required for the subject?

There were a couple of books that were prescribed for this subject, Organic Chemistry by McMurry and Chemical Principles by Zumdahl. They’re both really useful for explaining everything and if you’re planning to take further years in Chemistry then they’ll be even more useful. If you’re not keen on spending so much money on texts, then many people will be selling theirs second hand and there are PLENTY of copies in ERC.

What type of assessments were they?

Final exam (worth a lot of your assessment), practical assessments throughout the semester, mid semester test and various online tests that are more or less hurdle requirements.

Were the lectures/tutorials recorded when you did the subject?

Lectures were recorded, but depending on what type of subject you’re covering there may be equations/structures that they do throughout the lecture that can’t really be followed unless you’re there.

How did you find the subject? Did you enjoy it?

Chemistry isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it’s not easy but you can pass it if you put in the effort (or are really good at chemistry). The lecturers are absolutely fantastic and are really willing to help (so will take a coffee with all 1300 students if need be).

Kelly rates the subject 3 out of 5.

Handbook link:

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