What’s on your o-week itinerary?

Courtesy of http://www.quickmeme.com
Courtesy of http://www.quickmeme.com

How does one create an itinerary when there are TWO o-week websites!?

I don’t know about you, but looking at both the official and student union’s o-week websites – I feel bombarded with so much information! The websites look pretty and all, but I found it a bit difficult trying to get my itinerary together quickly.

I’ve put together a little itinerary to sum up the highlights of o-week. There’s still plenty of events and such out there, and you can most definitely find them on the oweek websites.

Tuesday 26th – Orientation Carnival

Orientation carnival (or Student Union and Services Day) kicks off from 11am-3pm at South Lawn

Highlights include:

Day/Date Meeting Time Venue
Host Program Meet new friends from your course, get sweet advice from your host, and an exclusive tour around campus Various locations 10am-2pm
Advocay & Legal Photobooth You can’t say no to a free mug shot! South Lawn 11am-3pm
Big Screen Gaming You get to play games on a big cinema screen with surround sound! Plus, you can compete for prizes Union Theatre, Ground Floor 12pm-3pm
Special Effect Makeup Pretty awesome to walk around with campus pretending to be dying South Lawn 11am-2pm
Snakadaktal Free music! South Lawn 2pm-3pm
Rowdy DVD Fest If you need a break from all the walking around – this is the place to go to relax and unwind! Rowden White Library 10am-6pm
Harlem Shake JUST GO! South Lawn 12.30pm-12.45pm

Wednesday 27th – Academic Orientation/VCA orientation

I don’t really want to go through all the sessions for academic orientation, so head to this link for more info!

Did someone say FREE FOOD? Some faculties are holding welcome BBQs, check these links out: here and here. What I’m unsure of, is that they have different times advertised for the BBQs (e.g on one website, M-ASS is having a BBQ from 12.30-2.30, but on another website it says 12-2)

And here’s the link for you lovely VCA kiddos

FUN EVENT: M-ASS historical tour aka Pub Crawl! 12pm onwards after their BBQ

From experience, this is the quietest day for o-week.

Thursday 28th – Sports Club Expo, Clubs and Societies Expo

So much to do on this day!

Clubs and societies: 11am-3pm @ South Lawn

Sports Club Expo: 11am – 3pm @ South Court

Other activities: click me

More free food? Click me

Other highlights!

Day/Date Meeting Time Venue
Big Screen Gaming Round 2 of fun and games! You get to play games on a big cinema screen with surround sound! Plus, you can compete for prizes Union Theatre, Ground Floor 12pm-3pm
MUOSS Food Adventure Free food again! Woo! Make sure you sign up thought, spots are limited (Overseas Students’ Lounge, second floor, Union House) JH Mitchell Theatre Departing at 1pm
SSS Historical Tour of Local Establishments Pub crawl that you’ll never forget/remember? 1888 Lawns From 12pm after
Outdoor Cinema Night Free movie! Watch the Avengers! North Court (5.30pm-10pm)5.30pm – Playstation games on big screen

7pm – Free Dinner

8pm – Movie Starts

Friday 1st – Clubs and Societies

Clubs and Societies: 11am-3pm @ South Lawn

Other activities: click here

My highlight?

Day/Date Meeting Time Venue
MUOSS Amazing Race Who doesn’t love a little competition! Make sure you sign up, spots are limited (Overseas Students’ Lounge, second floor, Union House) Union Theatre, Ground Floor 12pm-3pm

My O-week tips:

  • Say hello to strangers while waiting in line! Some conversation starters include: what they’re studying, what high school they came from, what subjects their doing…you can even bond over your timetable dramas! Who know, maybe the person standing infront/behind you can potentially be your new BFF? That’s how I met a lot of my good friends at uni! 
  • Join clubs! Make sure you write legibly so that they can add you to their email list!
  • If there’s an officeworks booth, go and raid it! They were there at last year’s oweek and gave out amazing stuff!

Usually I can think of a bigger list, but I think that’s it for today! My brain is still recovering from my trip.

Just to reiterate – this is NOT a full run down of all the oweek events. Refer to the oweek websites for details

I hope you guys have an amazing time at o-week! If you see a girl in a green orientation top, dressed like a tiger tomorrow – that’s me! Do say hello! I’d love to meet you all! I will also be armed with my camera – prepare for lots of photos!



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