COMP10001: Foundations of Computing


Foundations of Computing was reviewed by Adhy Karina. He is currently a second year science student, aiming to major in Computing and Software.

When was the subject taken?

Semester 1, 2012

What topics were covered in the subject?

Topics covered include introducing the importance of programs and code in today’s society, how to implement ideas into programs through a basic computer programming language, in this case Python, how to think like a programmer and overall, generate the best possible code for trivial and non-trivial problems.

We learnt how to program code in Python, from the rudimental to the more advanced data structures such as Recursive functions and Arrays of Dictionaries, or 2-Dimensional Arrays. Every two weeks on a Friday, there will be a guest lecturer from major companies, which gives good insight in the Computing Industry.

What textbooks/workbooks were required for the subject?

There was no required textbook for this subject but I recommend buying or borrowing a book about how to program in Python.

What type of assessments were they?

There were four projects, each underlying a task that were non-trivial and we had at least 2 to 3 weeks to complete them, a mid-semester test and a final written exam which combines the total assessment.

Were the lectures/tutorials recorded when you did the subject?

Yes, the lectures were recorded which means you don’t have to stress if you missed out on one, or two lectures.

How did you find the subject? Did you enjoy it?

I loved this subject because of it’s workshops and variety of activities. I got the highest mark on this subject compared to my other subjects during first semester and I highly recommend this subject to all jaffies wanting to become a Computer Junkie and work in the IT Industry after uni.

Adhy rates the subject 5 out of 5.

Adhy’s hot uni tip: University life is the best! Nothing beats it, you feel more independent and there are no limits on what you can achieve during your studies at Melbourne Uni. Two words, HAVE FUN!

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