CRIM10001: From Graffiti to Terrorism


From Graffiti to Terrorism was reviewed by Emily Papadimitriou. She is currently a second year arts student, majoring in sociology and minoring in History.

When was the subject taken?

Semester 1, 2012

What topics were covered in the subject?

This is a really cool subject because you look at the implications particular criminal activities have for society. You look at models or theories that can cause crime such as biological characteristics or social effects such as the strain theory or the environment you are brought up in. The course then focuses on specific case studies such as graffiti vandalism, animal cruelty, illicit drug use, sexual assault, armed robbery, hacking and hate crime applying different theories to these criminal cases.

What textbooks/workbooks were required for the subject?

You just need a subject reader for this.

What type of assessments were there?

All of the assignments were research essays.

Were the lectures/tutorials recorded when you did the subject?

All the lectures are recorded but tutorials are not.

How did you find the subject? Did you enjoy it?

This was a stimulating subject in terms of applying and learning about theories that could have a direct link with criminal activities found in society.

Emily rates the subject 4 out of 5.

Emily’s tip: If you have Bec, she is the best tutor ever!

Handbook link:

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