Oweek 2013: Done and dusted!

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And that’s a wrap! I hope you all enjoyed o’week and all its frivolities.

How’s everyone feeling? Tired? Overwhelmed? Excited!?

It was very cute seeing newbies with their face buried in campus maps, hands full with show bags, and bragging to everyone about all the freebies you snapped up throughout the week. I think we now have enough pens to last for the year. Here’s a brief summary of what happened at o’week 2013. I wasn’t there for the whole of o’week, so these are just the things I was around for.

O’week host program

O’week kicked off with the host program – where a host (someone who is in second year and beyond) is paired with a group who is in the same degree. And they’re basically helping the newbies meet new people and show them around the campus. Naturally, there are always people who get lost trying to hunt down their host leader. And luckily I didn’t manage to lose anyone during my tour – and I even managed to pick up a number of stragglers who has lost their group! It’s okay, you’re still loved!

Orientation carnival


South Lawn is the place to be if you want freebies and see what the university has to offer in terms of services, clubs, programs etc.

More photos from the carnival here:

Harlem Shake

Yes, we really did do this. Although it could have been better…just saying.

SSS Historical Tour of Local Establishments

Conga conga conga!
Conga conga conga!

Aka, this was a pub crawl run by the Science Students’ Society. As per tradition – a massive conga line around the Flemington Road roundabout was on our to-do list after drinks at the Turf. Yes, we may have caused a bit of mayhem with traffic.

I hope o’week has been an enjoyable experience for you all! Good on you for braving the cold, rain, and extreme fluctuations in Melbourne weather. 

Looking forward to 2014 O’week!


4 thoughts on “Oweek 2013: Done and dusted!

  1. First year here. Uhhh, I joined the International Relations club, More Beer!, Sociedad de Espanol, TED, SSS, M-ASS, MUPA (psych), The Yoga one, and still need to join Let’s talk! and MUHI :P

    1. Woohoo! Good one on joining SSS and M-ASS, you’re all set for food for the rest of the year! Make sure you come down to Mega-BBQ on wednesday March 6th 12pm-2pm down on South Lawn. It’s going to be the biggest BBQ of the year! Hope to catch you around at one of the BBQs!

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