Daph’s ‘Getting ready for Uni’ checklist

With only 2 more sleeps till semester starts, I just thought I would run through my ‘back to uni’ checklist past you to see if you have missed anything.

Here we go!

Can anyone spot which officeworks this is?

1. Officeworks run!

I don’t know about you, but one of my favourite parts about going back to uni is the trip down to Officeworks for stationary! Seriously, it’s the equivalent of christmas! (Well, maybe not)  I’m a big fan of the ‘good old-fashion handwriting notes out’ than opting for typing notes up on my laptop – so I’ve got myself a big stash of pens, notebooks, highlighters etc. And I love getting organised, so I also have all my folders and such ready to go!


2. Have you got everything you need for classes?

Have you bought your textbooks, course readers, prac books, lab coat, glasses etc.? Check out the handbook AND your LMS to see what materials you need. You what annoys me? I was checking my LMS and emails, and apparently there are these 2 textbooks that are compulsory, even though they weren’t listed on the handbook!  They haven’t really given us a lot of time for us to organise to get these textbooks, and apparently I need them for a prac that is starting on week 1. Bahh!


3. Do you know where your classes are held?

Have you downloaded the ‘Lost on Campus‘ app? If not, you are a silly goose – because it’s probably the best app! It has a GPS direction thingi that gives you directions to the buildings, and there are even pictures of the building and classes so you can’t get lost! The app is available on apples, android, and windows phones. Plus, it’s free! Get on it people!

And it’s pretty obvious but I’ll go through it anyways – this is how you read your timetable.

Screen Shot 2013-02-17 at 6.47.06 PMTake for example – EDUC10057 (my semester one breadth). So the top line reads ‘Lecture 1 (1)‘ meaning it’s the first lecture of the week, and it’s the first repeat.  And if there is a ‘Lecture 1 (2)’, that means that it’s a repeat of the exact same lecture. The next line down says the campus location (Parkville). Then it’s ‘234 Queensberry St‘ which is the street address. And ‘219‘ is the building number. A LOT of people get the numbers confused!

Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 8.54.44 PMNext example – ZOOL20005 (my zoology science subject). So it’s the first lecture of the week, repeat 1 (p.s – In second year, it’s not common to have repeating lecture times. So you’re stuck with the one option!) It’s on the Parkville campus, and the lecture will be held in the Baldwin Spencer Theatre.


4. Have you checked if your tutes/pracs are running 1st week?

DID YOU KNOW: that not all tutes/pracs/workshops run in first week? Check your LMS carefully to see if ALL of your classes are running in the first week. For example, when I was in first year – there were no tutes running for psych in first week, and luckily I checked because my friends were waiting outside for a good half hour before realising! Don’t be THAT silly person!


5. Figured out how you’re getting to uni?

Are you going by public transport? Riding your bike? Teleportation? Make sure you give extra time for your hike to uni because if I remember my first day of uni, the train ride was chaotic because of everyone heading back to uni. Chances are, the carriages will be super full.

If you’re riding your bike, have you checked out the uni’s Campus and Security website for places to park your bike?

If you’re unsure how to get to Uni, check out the PTV Journey Planner which is pretty nifty to get you from A to B! But generally, if you’re at Flinders’ St station. Catch ANY tram up towards the State Library/Melbourne Central, then get off when at the tram stop ‘The University of Melbourne’ and this is where almost EVERYONE gets off. If in doubt, just follow the crowd of young-ish people!

HOT TIP: Watch out for the tram that terminates at Queensberry St. It’s probably the worst tram to get on when you’re on your way to uni. Somehow I ALWAYS manage to get on that one tram when I’m in a rush to get to my 9am lectures.

Courtesy of icanhascheezburger
Courtesy of icanhascheezburger

6. Have you hooked your computer up to UniWireless?

It’s best to get your laptop/ipad/phone hooked up to the Uni’s free wifi connection so you can have access to the internet and the LMS etc. Check out this link to set your device up to the uni’s internet!

WARNING: the internet connection is not 100% reliable. So if you’re planning to do a test or anything like that, avoid UniWireless. I had to do a pre-prac test for biology, and the internet died, and that was it! I got a mark of 0! Fun times.

I’m sure that I’ve missed something, but if I think of anything else – I’ll update this list!

Keep checking back on Unimelb Adventures! I’ll be writing up another checklist-y post tonight!

2 thoughts on “Daph’s ‘Getting ready for Uni’ checklist

  1. One of my subjects is still not on the LMS, and I haven’t received any notification of the tute running or not (I have my tutorial for the class on Monday!) – is there any way to check? Should I just go?

    1. Hey Tori! Let’s go through some troubleshooting stuff.

      Have you checked your student email inbox for any news about your subject’s LMS? I received an email last week saying that my education breadth’s LMS will become active as of tomorrow.

      And have you tried emailing your subject coordinator to see what the go is? Because your subject coordinator is the person responsible for turning the LMS on. He/she is the best person to contact.

      So if you haven’t already – try emailing/calling your subject coordinator :)

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