Off to second year

I am not ready for second year! No. Rewind back to first year please!

From what I have been told by third years, second year is a big step up. I am excited, slightly terrified, but excited! Now I get to start specialising towards my zoology major and I’m pumped that I’m going somewhere now.

This semester I will be studying:

  • ZOOL20005, Animal Structure and Function
  • ZOOL20004, Australian Wildlife Biology
  • EVSC20004, Intro to Marine Environments
  • EDUC10057, Wellbeing, Motivation and Performance

I’m particularly worried about getting into quota subjects in second semester and in third year. It’s like, my marks really matter now (not that it didn’t before). But now I am starting to see that I need to work!

Quota subjects mean that there are only a certain number of spots available in the subject, and it’s based on academic merit (how good your marks are). And I really need to get into Comparative Animal Physiology which is next semester, because it’s a pre-req for a lot of zoology stuff.

My contact hours as a second year science student have dropped from 24 hours to 17 hours a week. I guess that’s a perk of second year.

Wishing everyone a good semester!


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