Second year already? Holy moly that was fast

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Oh goodness, where has the past 3 months gone?! It’s time to get our body clocks back into sync, get our study hats back on, and venture off to unknown terrains!

Can’t believe I will be starting second year! I can’t wait to start learning again and use my brain! Hmm…that sounded really nerdy. But it’s true! I reckon I’ll that one person who will keep returning back to uni to get another degree!

I’ve had first year to find my feet, party it up, relax a little after finishing that horrible thing called VCE. But now it’s time to buckle down and take things just a little bit more seriously.


Of course I am super excited about second year! But honestly, I am a little worried/terrified/nervous about second year!

From what I’ve been told by third years, the subjects that I’m taking on this semester are quite full on and intense. But bring on the hard work!

I’m particularly worried about getting into a subject called Comparative Animal Physiology which runs in second semester, a core subject if you want to move on to third year zoology, and it’s a QUOTA subject! Which means that there are only a certain number of spots available in the subject. Whether you get into the subject or not is based academic merit, and I’ve done pretty well in first year. But if I don’t get a spot for that subject, I don’t really have a backup plan to go to another major, and I’ll most likely have to add an extra year to my course which is something I don’t want to happen! So, this will be my motivation to study like crazy this semester!

This semester I will be studying:

  • ZOOL20005, Animal Structure and Function
  • ZOOL20004, Australian Wildlife Biology
  • EVSC20004, Intro to Marine Environments
  • EDUC10057, Wellbeing, Motivation and Performance

And my contact hours as a second year science student has dropped a bit! (From 24 hours to 17 hours a week – woo!) But I still don’t get a day off! Argh!

First year is definitely the year to let loose a little, but don’t neglect your studies!

I hope you all have a great start to uni tomorrow! Good luck and have fun!

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