Happy first day of Uni!

Courtesy of icanhascheezburger

How was your first day of uni today people!? I hope it was fantastic!

It’s strange to be back and studying again. For me, it kinda feels like I haven’t left uni at all since I’ve been working here over the summer.

How was MY first day back?

Honestly, it wasn’t as amazing as back in first year. Today has been rather anti-climatic. My lecture theatres are beyond awful, majority of my lecturers aren’t crash hot (as in, the way they present the content not in attractiveness…even though that would be a plus!), and 1 hour lectures feels like it’s going on for eternity! 

I had 3 lectures today: Animal Structure Function, Australian Wildlife Biology in the morning, and a 4 hour gap till Intro to Marine Environments in the late afternoon. But I did enjoy the live band and BBQ today at north court :)

Things I learnt today:

1) Baldwin Spencer Theatre and Senior Theatre in the Chemistry Building are absolutely horrible.

(You’ll understand when you see them!) In general – I really dislike lecture theatres that do not have individual seats. They’re just super uncomfortable! There’s no back rest in Baldwin Spencer Theatre’s seats, and the tables are super steep that my laptop was just sliding off the table throughout the whole lecture! And the Senior Theatre? Goodness, did someone forget about ventilation in this room? Probably THE worst lecture theatre I’ve ever been in.

And, and, and – The chemistry building! Chemistry itself is bad enough (chemistry and I are not friends at all), but the building? Who designed that maze!?

2) 1 hour lectures are ridiculously long…

It really depends if you have an awesome lecturer or not. But I’ve forgotten how long 1 hour lectures are! Goodness, I just about had enough 30 minutes in and I was ready to throw the towel in and leave! I think it’s just me though…I’m not that kind of person who can sit for hours on end. I get REALLY restless and I need to run around and do stuff!

3) How much I hate crowds 

Waiting in lines for microwaves, waiting in lines to ask for help, waiting in lines to buy books…ERMAGERD!

Don’t stand in the middle of the walkway for the love of rainbows! People need to get to their lectures!

Check out the line for the Co-op Bookshop! IT WAS OUT THE DOOR!

I just need to buy my one workbook!

I’ve never seen the line this bad before!  I just need to buy my one workbook for my prac class on wednesday! And no I didn’t leave buying my workbook to the last minute! There was a stuff up with the order, so it’s been delayed.

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 11.18.41 PM

Sorry for the little rant! I think I’m going through ‘Second Year Syndrome’ *sigh*

But I did manage to catch up with some long lost uni friends today which was awesome!

Hannah, Demi, Natasha and myself at System Gardens

And did I mention that I met these awesome ladies back when we all were first years’ at 2012 Destination Melbourne? See, you do meet awesome people at uni camps!

I’m hoping that things will turn around later in the week (lecture and study wise)! I think I just need some time to get back into the swing of things.

I love seeing how excited you all are about starting uni over Facebook! I really do hope that you’re enjoying things so far!


2 thoughts on “Happy first day of Uni!

  1. If you are ever bored by one hour lectures, I recommend staying away from 4 hour chemistry labs at 8 AM. Those got old fast. :/

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