1888 Lawns

Looking for a quiet spot on campus to unwind? The 1888 lawns may be what you’re looking for. On the scale of 1 to System Gardens, this would rate pretty well!

It’s a great spot for a picnic/BBQ and great if you want to indulge in a book or two.

The grass area is quite nice to roll around on, and there are also benches around if you’re a bit too posh for grass.

The lawn is just in front of the 1888 building, and it’s a beautiful building! (well…on the outside! I haven’t really been snooping inside) The 1888 building is where the Melbourne School of Graduate Research is at. And it is also heritage listed!

Where is it?

Good question! The 1888 lawn is on the corner of Swanston and Grattan St. It’s near the science student centre/frank tate/ lot 6/ tsubu…or look out for Gate 7 or 8!

Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 10.07.58 PM

Check out the 1888 Lawns if you get a chance! It really is quite lovely out there.

p.s – You’re probably thinking…why hasn’t Daphane reviewed System Gardens? Well…the photos disappeared from my camera :( I’ll have to head back there and take some more pictures. System Garden is the ULTIMATE hang out spot on campus (in my opinion anyways). I’ve been there everyday this week to escape from all the crowds.

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