Arts West renovation


The Arts West ground floor has gone for a major facelift!

Study spaces

It’s a great space for collaborative learning. It’s not a ‘silent zone’ and tends to get quiet loud, so it’s definitely good for group work. The front foyer area (see picture above), is not powerpoint friendly. Well, unless someone brings a power board and extension cords…

But seating area outside the new Arts Student Centre IS powerpoint friendly, but you can’t bring food and drinks there. There are heaps of computers here too (PC).

Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 6.35.41 pm


Yes it’s true! There is a kitchen on the ground floor of Arts West that everyone can use. There are microwaves, hot water, and a sandwich maker (but I wouldn’t use that if I were you, plus I think it’s broken).


Arts Student Centre

Back in my day…the Arts student centre was in the Old Arts building, and now the Arts fairies have relocated to Arts West.

This student centre is different to others because it’s not a ‘counter’ service. It’s a much more casual environment. So casual that one staff member spent about an hour browsing for shoes online. I won’t put a photo up because that would be mean.

Arts Student Society

M-ASS (Melbourne Arts Student Society) has also relocated to Arts West. So if you need to buy tickets and such, they’re here now!


Where is Arts West?

Want to know a short cut? If you’re coming from the Swanston St tram stop…walk up Monash Road, take the stairs on your right at the end of the road, then you want to walk through the Old Arts building (that harry potter corridor). Keep walking, then once you exit out of Old Arts…there’s Arts West!

Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 11.08.25 PM

That’s right, keep walking through Old Arts!

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