I guess SMAC is an awesome place!


Sidney Asia Myer Centre, is commonly referred to as SMAC or just Sidney Myer. But SMAC deserves a little review because it has a number of awesome spots!

First of all…


The lawn area is lovely! It’s an awesome place to chill out with friends and have lunch. I would highly recommend that you NOT go near the moat. Nasty things have happened in there. Same goes with the moat in South Lawn. A big no-no. If I ever fell into the moat in South Lawn I would most probably burn all of my clothes and disinfect everything…10 times!



Are you looking for an outdoor study area? This is probably the place for you! There is more seating available (if you are standing here in the photo, there’s more seating to your right). It gets pretty crowded here during the day though, and you’re not immune to bird poo either!


DSC01622It’s hidden away, but there is a BBQ/outdoor seating area just behind the outdoor study area of SMAC! How awesome is that! So if you’re thinking of having a BBQ, why not here?

How do I get to Sidney Myer?

It’s literally just opposite the Swanston St Tram stop. I would seriously be worried if you can’t find it! But click here to be redirected to a map, just in case.

Sidney Myer, you are pretty awesome :)


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