What’s happening with the Arts Student Centre?

So pretty, colourful and new!

BACK IN MY DAY…The Arts student centre was in the Old Arts building, and now the Arts fairies have relocated to Arts West!

Arts West is home to the infamous Copland Theatre where all the first year biology and chemistry lectures are held. (Mind you – Copland is also notorious for the lack of internet connectivity). And I remember having to go through annoying detours to get to my lectures, the horrible stench and constant drilling from the construction for most of semester 2 last year.

From what I’ve been told, it’s a ‘revolutionary’ change to how student centres work. It’s less of a over-the-counter matter, and it’s much more casual approach (which is awesome!). There are powerpoints around for you to charge your laptop/phones, places for you to study, and a KITCHEN…goodness I am jealous!

Pulled straight from the Arts Student Centre home page!
Pulled straight from the Arts Student Centre home page!

It is indeed a pretty new area. Everything is so new, shiny and clean! And it’s so OPEN! There are big windows around, so lots of sunlight coming in. And I’ve also found that it’s quite a welcoming environment. Extra brownie points to you arts team!


You know who else has moved?

Your awesome M-ASS (Melbourne Arts Student Society) has relocated to Arts West too!

Your friendly M-ASS reps wants you to say hello at their new office :)

Where is Arts West?

Want to know a short cut? If you’re coming from the Swanston St tram stop…walk up Monash Road, take the stairs on your right at the end of the road, then you want to walk through the Old Arts building (that harry potter corridor). Keep walking, then once you exit out of Old Arts…there’s Arts West!

Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 11.08.25 PM

That’s right, keep walking through Old Arts!

Enjoy your new student centre Arts friends!


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