Want to keep up to date with uni events?

Courtesy of Frabz.com

Do you feel like you’re always missing out on the good stuff at uni? Well, here’s something that may help you stay on track!

On the UMSU (University of Melbourne Student Union)’s website, there’s a massive run down of all the BBQs, workshops, discussion group meet ups etc.

Awesome right?

Here’s the link to UMSU’s calendar: UMSU 2013 Calendar 

My general rule of thumb – just swing past south lawn every afternoon and guaranteed there’s always some form of BBQ or gathering there.

And if you missed my previous post where I gave you the link to the university’s academic calendar, read more here: Where can I find the key dates for uni (2013 Academic Calendar)

But you know, there’s always events that you’re not going to find on the UMSU or the university’s website such as the foam parties, cruises, end of exam parties…so on. So, this is why facebook if your best friend. And whenever I hear about these sort of events, I’ll post them up here too!

So get your diaries ready and put those dates in :)

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