Zambrero, Melbourne Uni. Melbourne Uni, Zambrero.


Yet ANOTHER new place to grab lunch on campus! Oh Melbourne Uni, you are spoiling us!

Zambrero is the newest shop on the block, and they’re serving up a mean Mexican cuisine in Union House. And they’ve turned that little ‘not-so-pleasant-looking’ area to a quirky, fun, and colourful seating area (love it!)

Not only do I LOVE Mexican food, I’m getting a little bored with the regular food places in Union House – so it’s a win win situation!

What’s on the menu you ask? Nachos, tacos, burritos, salads etc.

What’s the story behind Zambrero?

I sat down with Ben Roe this morning (he’s the VIC/TAS Operations Manager) to get a better understanding of Zambrero’s story – and boy it’s a good one!

But to keep it short and sweet – Dr Sam Prince (YES DOCTOR) is the man behind Zambrero. He opened up the 1st Zambrero when he was only 21 while he was still in Med School. Now, it was grown to over 26 restaurants around Australia. He did all this while he was working as a full time doctor (and here I am struggling with 4 uni subjects! Putting me to shame)

Not only does Zambrero support Action Against Hunger in third world countries with their Plate4Plate initiative, donating 1 meal to a child in need for every burrito or salad bowl, but Dr Sam Prince is also the founder of a number of fantastic organisations: Emagine Foundation (helping to build IT infrastructure in schools), and One Disease at a Time (trying to get rid of scabies in Indigenous communities).

But there is so so much more, so if you want to read all about his story, here are some links:

Everything you need to know about Zambrero

WHERE: Union House – Ground Floor

OPENING HOURS: 9am-8pm every Monday to Friday, and 11:30am-5:30pm every Saturday. (I don’t think any other food place on campus opens till THAT late..and on weekends as well? Wow, super dedicated!)



I’m looking forward to head there for a lunch one day! Omnomnom


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