What’s the go with the new portal?

Photo: Hannah Robertson (Melbourne Uni Memes)

Last night, the university set up a Q and A facebook event where students can ask questions about the new portal. So I decided to take this opportunity to get some answers for some FAQs I’ve been mentally compiling in my head.

And did you know that you can actually start playing around on the new portal! Head here: https://pilot-my.unimelb.edu.au/


Alright, so here were the questions that I asked them last night:

1. How many people can the new portal handle? For example – when it comes to the busy periods like timetabling, how many people can be logged into the portal before it goes haywire and crashes?

my.unimelb is built on new technology which is designed to handle heavier loads, which should help during registration etc. You should be aware that there are other systems that can impact on timetabling, and although we know this will be an improvement, we can’t guarantee that it will fix 100% of the problems. Naturally those other systems are also being worked on.

2. When will the new portal be fully implemented? (time frame)

Cutover will be very soon. The pilot is our final test! We are very much looking forward to going live…sorry we can’t give you an exact date just yet.

3. Is it possible for the LMS and the portal to be somewhat connected so that you don’t need to enter your log in details again when you’re trying to go onto the LMS through the portal? Same goes with accessing student emails.

Absolutely! We are currently working on single-sign-on to both LMS and Library services and it’s a really high priority. Gmail is slightly different in that we can’t have single-sign-on to Gmail across both portals at the same time but as soon as we cutover to my.unimelb, it will be there.

4. When the new portal does take over, will the URL change from portal.unimelb.edu.au to my.unimelb.edu.au? And will the old URL be redirected to my.unimelb?

The new URL will be my.unimelb and there will be redirects.

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Hope this answers a couple of your questions about the new portal!


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