Guilt-free, night off from studying!

I FINALLY got to see The Cat Empire live :)

Everyone deserves a little down time no matter how busy their schedule is!

But it’s easier said than done. I always try to fit some down time to my day, but it rarely works out (bad Daphane!)

It’s no surprise that I am a bit of a workaholic – I like being busy, I want to do everything (saying no to things is a weakness – but I have been building up some discipline and courage!), and I want to use ALL my time up effectively.

It’s been a non-stop 3 weeks into semester and tonight I’ve finally committed to take my first guilt-free, study ban – just so I can re-coop, and put everything back into perspective again!

(In the words of my high school principal, Rhonda – “You have to smell the roses once in a while Daphane”)

And what better way to spend my ‘guilt-free’ night off than at Prince Bandroom, seeing one of my favourite bands of all time rocking out their tunes!

Cat Empire was beyond amazing! Best money I’ve spent on a gig, hands down. To me, they’re the definition of ‘real’ music. The brass ripping through the chords, the vocals, the awesome vibe and energy…BLISS! :)

If you haven’t heard of Cat Empire…here’s my favourite song from them!

My feet is sore from dancing, my ears are ringing, my vocal chords are barely functional….but it was great to escape for the night and take a well-deserved break from everything!

So I guess the main point of this particular post is just to reiterate the importance of having some downtime, especially if you have Mid Semester Tests around the corner.

Take care folks


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