Happy friday!


You’ve survived week three! Yay! Hope everything is going well with you all :)

To celebrate week three, here’s a post of some trends that I’ve been noticing on campus lately.

Here we go!

The number of people with injuries on campus

Ever since day one…there have been so many people with hobbling around campus with crutches, or with casts on one or multiple limbs! My count for this week: 32 people on crutches/casts (I kid you not). If you are rocking an injury at the moment – I do hope you have a speedy recovery!


Firetrucks on campus

I wonder how long the university can last till the next firetruck is called…

And it always seem to be the Chemistry building! Stop blowing up stuff budding chemists!

But this time, this firetruck was spotted outside Union House just yesterday just after my Structure Function lecture.

Just an ordinary day at Melb

School kids on campus

There have been high school kids lurking about left, right and centre! Bah, kiddies you’re making me late for my lectures! But that’s okay, you’re forgiven :)

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 6.41.25 PMAnnoying people sitting on aisle seats when there’s plenty of room further down

Okay – I understand if you have to run mid-way through a lecture, or have to leave early to hike to the other side of campus for another lecture. But to those who are not one of these people – Why would you block up a whole row of seats by sitting in the aisle seat?!!

Daphane is not happy!

I had to sit ON THE FLOOR in my lecture today, even though the lecture room was super empty. But luckily a girl saw me having a little grumble to myself, and she moved over a seat (Yay!)

35wf7yThis ain’t no library – what is this place?

Honestly – turn your phone on silent, don’t bring your egg-sake lunch to the library, and leave your vocal chords outside!

Libraries have started to turn into a marketplace. Even in the so called ‘silent-zones’!

To the people who ‘reserve’ tables by leaving their books and pens behind, and leave for hours on end – WHY!

And, and, and! If you’re planning to have a snooze, don’t have a snooze on a study table because people would actually like to USE these tables to study. Plus, we don’t want to hear you snoring.

Photo: http://www.cheezburger.com/

I think that’s all from me!

Have you guys noticed any other trends on campus lately? If so, do share with me! :)


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