Architecture building comes tumbling down

The Architecture Building as it stands today (26 March, 2013)

You know that big construction site in the middle of campus? You know, the one that is always making you late for class because of the little detours you have to make?

Well, that place is the Architecture Building! (or more accurately, the remnants of it)

Long story short – they’re knocking that building down, and re-building a fancy-modern one.

(Whenever I walk past the site, the construction workers look like they’re having a ball smashing everything the building down to pieces. Just a smidge frightening…)

You want photos of the new building design? I’ve got them for you thanks to my trusty googling skills.

The architecture building after its’ facelift

Oh wow, fancy indeed. But the colours aren’t exactly the happiest of them all
If I squint my eyes, I can see that there’s going to be a library, a library courtyard (OOOH!), student lounge, exhibitions…

There was actually an international design competition for the Architecture building! Fun fact.

To see what the Architecture building COULD HAVE been like: check out these other presentations:

I was secretly hoping that we would have another harry-potter style building on campus :(


Here is the Architecture Building’s reno journey so far

Back in the old day
(Photo: Lost on Campus)
View from Redmond Barry (18th Feb, 2013)
10 March, 2013
26 March 2013
27 March 2013

Oh will the construction noise and detours ever end!

They say that the Architecture building will complete in 2015 *fingers crossed*

Can the Architecture building be the next Law building? Hmmm…time will tell!

Talking about new buildings…go on science team – go fetch us some new buildings *clap, clap*

Daph :)

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