MUOSS Student Experience Fair

Did you know: I have a little phobia of balloons? True story. I was slightly hesitant of walking under that balloon-bridge-thing. I know – I’m weird.

I must say, I am pretty impressed with the events that MUOSS put on throughout the year! Kudos to you guys.

On tuesday (26 April), MUOSS held their ‘Student Experience Fair. And to sum it up: there were lots of awesome student services representatives manning the booths, and lots of free stuff.

Check out this line! I can’t quite remember what this line was for…ice cream/fairy floss? I don’t know.


What/Who is MUOSS?


MUOSS is short for Melbourne University Overseas Student Services. They represent all international students including all undergrads, grads, study abroad and exchange students. And it’s definitely one of the biggest departments on campus!

They make sure all the international students on campus are being looked after, and put on lots of activities and events to enhance their time in Melbourne.

Next MUOSS event?

Their next event is their annual Night Market which is a massive festival to celebrate multiculturalism on campus. There’s plenty of food on offer (at a small cost), cool performances, arts & craft and game stalls on the night.

It will be held on Thursday 18 April, from 5pm onwards at MacFarland Court.

I attended last year’s Night Market and had a ball! There were so many people, such amazing food on offer, and it was great fun!



Where can you find MUOSS?



Phone: 8344 4801

Location: Second Floor Union House (Office hours are between 10am-4pm, Monday to Friday)



4 thoughts on “MUOSS Student Experience Fair

  1. Thanks for this putting this up. The details covered are really impressive and it is always encouraging to get positive feedback. Just a correction with this statement please “And it’s definitely one of the biggest clubs on campus” – MUOSS is not a club. It is a department of the Student Union.
    Look forward to offering many more services & interesting events to the international student community.

      1. another correction is what MUOSS stands for. Melbourne University Overseas Students’ Service. We are a service and not a society. Thanks.

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