Bring on the Easter break!

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 10.33.23 PM

No doubt things have been a little crazy at uni, and I think we ALL deserve a well earned break!

Managed to enjoy a sleep-in today which was luxurious! First day of the break involved me lying on the couch in my pjs, pigging out on Tim Tams, and watching movies with Dad.

It was great!

What’s been happening in Daphane-land?

I sat my first ‘official’ test for the year for Animal Structure and Function. And it was really strange because I’ve never sat a test in a lecture room before! A bit silly having a test in a lecture room I reckon, especially since the Baldwin Spencer Theatre is notoriously super steep, you can easily take a sneaky peek at the person sitting in front you (not trying to support cheating here!).

No silly, this photo was NOT taken during the test.

My contract at 13 MELB/Student services finishes this week, meaning that I’m done and dusted! Seeing and working on the other side of the fence has been a massive eye opener. And I’m super thankful to have had this opportunity to work with great people! If there’s a job opening at 13 MELB in the future, do consider it. You will learn SO MUCH about the uni, and how everything works behind doors. Plus, the staff are truly awesome.

And don’t worry, just because I’m not on the inside anymore doesn’t mean I don’t have the intel :)

Goodbye spiral stairs to phone heaven

But you know what, I’ve got a new and exciting gig at the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute! I’ve been recruited as their new administrative support staff and I’m very much looking forward to start there next week! AMSI is actually located on Monash Road, so I’m still technically working on campus.

Why, hello there!

And p.s – I spotted a firetruck on campus this week! On tuesday I believe. I tried to upload pictures on our facebook page, but facebook hasn’t been my friend lately. In fact – technology overall hasn’t been my friend! My computer has been rather sick lately :(

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 12.16.03 PM
Oh, we were doing so well Melbourne Uni! 4 whole days without an incident involving the fire brigade!

Sorry I haven’t been able to blog as frequently as I’d like to!

I’ve been typing things up, then looking back at it before I hit submit, and thinking…

“Oooh…I need more photos to go with the post. Must wait till tomorrow to take photo.”

“Hmm…I don’t know if I have permission to upload those photos” (For example, I REALLY want to upload photos that I’ve taken at the Tiegs Museum in the Zoology building and share that place with you all because it’s such an awesome place. But I have a inkling feeling that I may get in trouble)

“This is going to be awesome post, but I should post it later on”


Hope you all have a safe and wonderful easter break!


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