Casual ERC study spots


Are you looking for a casual study spot on campus?

Sometimes you just need a space where you and a group of people can study, chat, eat lunch, and enjoy a cup of coffee without the glares from other people in the library.

Here are two places that I enjoy to study when I’m in a group.

Just next to the Science Student Centre


I like studying here because this place is powerpoint friendly. There are powerpoints on the floor for you to charge your appliances.

Downside is that the chairs are rather uncomfortable (no backrest).

Opposite Romano’s cafe (Outside of ERC)

DSC02294If you don’t look carefully, you may just walk past this space!

This place is just outside ERC (level 2, where the science centre is), opposite to Romano’s (a coffee shop), and just next to Frank Tate.

Great place for group study sessions! This place is also open till late, so that’s a plus.

Where are your favourite places to study when you’re with friends? Any places that you recommend?

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