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Many of you have asked me how I got my jobs at uni. And well, it’s through a program called Students@Work, or S@W for short.

What is S@W?

S@W is a program that essentially helps Melb Uni students find jobs around uni. When you’re a part of the program, you will receive job opportunities that isn’t advertised externally.

The program started in 2011, and it involved 13 students working at he 13 MELB contact centre. Then 18 more students were recruited to join 13 MELB. And the program became successful, so the University has now committed to increase the number of students working on campus.

For more info about S@W:

Registering for S@W

Here’s the catch – In order to join the S@W program, you need to be currently working on campus.

If you are already working on campus, make sure you register here:

The best way to get into the S@W program is through their bulk-recruitments. They hire a bunch of people at the start of every semester. So keep an eye out on Careers Online.

My S@W experience
That’s me over there!

I was part of the Semester 1 intake in 2013. They hired 25 students in my intake, and boy, it was an extensive interview process. There was a phone interview, then you went on to a 3 hours assessment round where they tested our group and individual skills (this includes a one-on-one interview too).

But it’s worth it!

We started training at 13 MELB, and after some time they kept a number of students there and others went on to other jobs.

After my 13 MELB gig, I worked at Student Admin at Baldwin Spencer for a bit. Then I moved on to working at the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (it’s on Monash Road). And now I’m working at Marketing as a Social Media Intern!

S@W is definitely a program worth looking into. Besides from gaining a better understanding of the uni, you develop and gain a ton of skills that make you more employable in the future.

My tips

It’s going to be highly competitive! So my number 1 advice is to make sure your resume is flawless.

The Careers and Employment department at uni offer lots of services to help you with your job application. More info here:

There also some great resources to help you with cover letters, selection criteria & resumes here:

How can I get in touch with S@W?

You can find S@W staff contact details here:

If you have any questions about the program or my experiences, feel free to ask me! Best way to get in touch with me is by messaging me over facebook.


5 thoughts on “Students@Work Program

  1. I wanted to apply for this and one of the application procedures says to address the selection criteria on the duty statement, but I don’t understand how to do this. Would you be able to give me some tips at all? thank you!

  2. Hi Daphane,
    Thanks for sharing your experience through the blog. The gifs and kitten pictures really helped me to survive a rough semester. Haha
    Anyway, I applied for S@W after seeing the job posting on your blog and I’m fortunate to get to the assessment centre stage. Would you be able to share some tips to prepare for the interview? Thanks.

    Good luck for ur finals :)

    1. Hey Min! Aw, I’m glad that gifs and kitten pictures brightened up your semester :)

      So, with the one-on-one interview, they seemed to asked more questions around teamwork. For example, what are some qualities that make a good team, or what qualities do you have that makes you a good team member. And things like, give an example of a time you had to solve a problem etc.

      In the writing section, they gave us an email that we had to respond to. Be careful with your spelling, grammar etc. So you’ll start your response something like, Dear x. Thank you for contacting The University of Melbourne. And write your response after that. And you sign off with, Kind regards, and your name.

      The group work component to the assessment center is pretty cruisy. Just make sure you contribute to the discussion and have a say when you do your presentations :)

      Hope that helps and good luck!

      1. Hey Daphane,

        Thanks so much for taking the time to craft the response. I could really use the help! Keep up the awesome work you do. Peace out :)

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