Have a say in where your SSAF goes to

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This is your golden opportunity to have a say in where you want your $273/$204 to go!

Our SSAF goes towards improving the facilities and services on campus. To see where our SSAF has been allocated to from 2012-current, follow the link below!


I’ve been having a look at UMSU’s expenditure, and it’s really interesting to see how our Union is allocating our SSAF.

Just to clarify, not ALL of the SSAF funds go to UMSU. It’s spread across the university, but a chunk goes to them.


I STRONGLY recommend that you fill out the feedback form so that the university can hear where WE want OUR money to go.

It probably wouldn’t hurt if some money go towards fixing our ever so reliable Uniwireless…or getting more powerpoints installed in libraries…or perhaps fixing up some run down buildings and lecture theatres



You have a voice here! This is your chance to be heard!

Have a say in where YOU want or don’t want your SSAF to go towards!

The feedback forms closes on Monday 15 April, 5pm! So there isn’t much time left. Here’s the link: http://msl.unimelb.edu.au/ar-services/ssaf

Fire away amigos!


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