E*Week is here!

Photo: 9gag

E*week is finally upon us!

E*week aka Eng week – is hosted by MUESC (Melbourne University Engineering Students’ Club). And it’s one whole week filled with booze (and tea on Friday).

You don’t have to be a member to attend! Participation is voluntary, spectating welcomed.

Unimelb Adventures strongly encourages you to drink responsibly…

Here’s the schedule!

Day 1: Centurion

What: To consume 100 shots of beer (3L) in 100 minutes

When: Monday 15 April, 3pm

Where: Far Side of Athletics Track (North of North Court)

*You need to pay $10 to cover costs for this one


Day 2: MUESC vs SSS Beer Soccer

What: A beer-filled soccer game between Eng and science kids. If you dont have a beer, you cant kick the ball. If you spill your beer during the game you will be penalised….with consumption of beer. If the ref tells you to drink beer you will drink beer.

When: Tuesday 16 April, 3.15pm

Where: The Pit, Melbourne Uni


Day 3: Mr and Mrs Engineering

What: Compete with other people to test your endurance, keen engineering mind, and all over awesomeness for greatness and beers. Those who come out on top will be crowned Mr and Mrs Engineering

When: Wednesday 17 April, 12pm

Where: University Lawns (Law Lawns)


Day 4: Pub Golf

What: MUESC vs SSS vs M-ASS (Eng vs Science vs Arts) pub crawl and drinking games.

When: Thursday 18 April, 1pm (technically starts at 2pm)

Where: Old Metallurgy Courtyard

*BYO $$ and route to be published


Day 5: Gentleman’s Breakfast (w/ Tea Drinking)

What: A massive tea fest to recover

When: Friday 19 April, 10am

Where: South Lawn


Attend if you dare

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