Frank Tate study spots

Photo: Lost on campus

Frank Tate: Another place I love to hide and study (most of the time anyways…)

They’ve actually made the two basement study rooms accessible to Architecture students only (sad face), but you’re not missing out on much. The basement studyroom with the couches smell like feet. Not particularly study-friendly.

But upstairs is a nice place to study. It’s nice and bright, powerpoint friendly. Although this place does attract the occasional loud-mouths.


Plus! Lots of computers for you to use! There are more than just the ones in the photo below.


Where is Frank Tate?

It’s just opposite the ERC, near Tsubu/Lot 6, near SMAC (Sidney Myer)

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 2.13.34 AMEnjoy!

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