Australian Wildlife Biology, I like you

Well…haven’t got to the stage where I can say that I ‘majored’ in zoology. It’s a work in progress!
Photo: Google

One thing I’m LOVING about this subject is all the excursions!

Everything just makes so much more sense when it’s put into context! There’s only so much writing out notes and memorising stuff can do to help you learn. (It’s hard being a hands-on learner at uni, blah!) So for me, going out and checking things out first hand consolidates everything!

For my Australian Wildlife Biology subject (ZOOL20004), we’ve been going out bird watching for the past two weeks. That’s right, BIRD WATCHING. With binoculars, clipboards, and bird ID books…the whole lot!

Yes – we get LOTS of strange looks from people when we’re pointing our binoculars in their general direction.

We’ve got out to 2 places: Royal Botanical Gardens and Studley Park. The point of these 2 excursions is to develop our skills at identifying birds using our bird books, and identifying birds from their calls.

And the beauty of excursions is that, you get to meet and chat to new people!

Anyhoos, here are some of pictures of my bird excursions! Enjoy!

Royal Botanical Gardens

Studley Park

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