Melbourne Uni phone app

imageDID YOU KNOW…that there’s a Melbourne Uni app?

It’s pretty handy I must say!

It’s a good app if you want to search up general things uni-related. But if you’re looking for an app for lecture notes and all that, Blackboard is the app you’re after. (But eh, I find the blackboard app OK. I still prefer going online and accessing all my lecture stuff. There are only so many pop up screens, and dead links that a uni student can handle before going crazy and deleting the app).

Here is what you can do with this UoM app!

Look for staff contact details

Oh look, I exist!

You can search up contact details of people who work at the university! So for example, if you need to look for your lecturer’s email or phone number, you can type their name in the ‘Directory’ tab on the bottom. And there you go!

Searching for ANYTHING to do with Unimelb


It’s just like the search engine on the uni website! Just put in the search engine what you’re looking for, and it will do its thing.

UoM news


It’s not the ‘fun’ kind of news, more like the ‘serious’ kind. If you get what I mean? This is all the official business stuff of uni.



It’s not as pretty or as awesome as the Lost on Campus app. Graphics are pretty shocking…But! It’s a map.

I would still use the lost on campus app. It is about 1000000 times better.

Where can I download this app?

Bad news for android, this isn’t available for you – sorry!

For you apple people – here’s the link:


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