Study spaces in the Chemistry building

If you’re in need of a new study place, I’ve got you covered.

I guess technically speaking, these study spots are for chemistry students, but no one is going to check if you are a chemistry student or not.

The Chemistry building has two study spots that I love:

1. The Labyrinth


If you keep walking straight as you enter the building, you will see this area on your right. This place is the bomb diggity for macs and the chairs are comfy too.


There are also some small study areas here with powerpoint access, although the lack of backrest tends to get the best of me.


2. Chemistry study area


I don’t think there’s an official name for this area, but when you walk into the Chemistry building, turn right and walk all the way down. Here, you’ll find a number of spaces to study and a couple of computers too. There’s also a little lounge area too.


However, this particular area is not uniwireless friendly and the connection tends to drop out a lot.

Enjoy these 2 areas!

– Daph

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