This guy made my day

See this guy? cDon’t be this guy.

Here’s what happened.

So I was studying at Frank Tate, and there was this guy on a computer in front of me who kept on tilting his head sideways.

I was like, what on Earth is this guy doing?

And you know how when you download your readings or pdf files…sometimes the files come out sideways?

TURNS OUT, he couldn’t figure out how to rotate his readings!

Here’s a closer look. Sorry for the poor pic quality. Was trying to be as sneaky as possible with my phone!

This poor guy spent a total of 15 MINUTES attempting to do his readings sideways until he got frustrated, had a mini hissy fit, packed up, and walked out. 

Now, I know I should’ve helped him out…but, but, but – this was just hilarious! It would be really awkward if this guy reads my blog…

Oh silly kid, you made me smile :)

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