Our Uni turns 160 years old!

Photo: http://www.huu.unimelb.edu.au

Happy 160th Birthday Melbourne Uni!

I’ve been doing a bit of research and poking around to uncover the history of our uni.

If you’re a bit of a historian fanatic, I think you will love this awesome website: http://our-history.unimelb.edu.au

A little disclaimer: None of these are my photos, and I’ve put the links to where I’ve pulled them off from. I hope I don’t get into trouble with the historian fairies.

To celebrate the 160th birthday of our institute, here are some fun facts about Melbourne Uni!

 MU started with 3 professors and 16 students

And only 4 graduated!

Wilson Hall burnt down in 1952

True story. The original building burnt down in 1952. It was named after Sir Samuel Wilson who donated a large sum of money to the uni. It took 4 years to re-build!

The hall back then was not strictly used for exams and graduations (like today). Back then it was sometimes used by the Sports Union for boxing matches! That would’ve been fun.

But I cannot get over how BEAUTIFUL Wilson Hall used to be! Daawww….

Photos: www.huu.unimelb.edu.au

There used to be a ginormous lake on campus!

I hope I get this right.

SO! In 1861 a lake was formed on campus to drain the swampy ground. But then, they need more room for buildings so they drained the lake away.

The lake is where Union Lawn/Concrete Lawn is today.


Photos: http://museumvictoria.com.au/collections/items/790187/glass-negative-university-grounds-by-a-j-campbell-melbourne-victoria-circa-1900 and http://www.eng.unimelb.edu.au/about/history/timeline/1930s.html

The order of the happenings

*Not everything is on here, it’s just what I could find on the internet!

1855: Bachelor of Arts (Arts is the oldest and original faculty on campus)

1857: Law was established

1861: The Faculty of Engineering

1862: School of Medicine established

1879: First music degree awarded

1886: Bachelor of Science

1903: Diploma in Education

1904: School of Dentistry

1911: Agriculture

1919: Architecture

1925: Commerce

1926: PHD offered

1945: Psychology offered

Medical students society was the first student society on campus


That’s right, the med kids formed the first society on campus. Followed by Engineering students society.

Student Union was only open to male students back then

A University Union was founded in 1884, and was initially only open to male students. Then female students formed a ‘Princess Ida Club’ in 1888 (Why would you pick that name!) Then the union opened to both sexes. Woohoo!

The buildings along Professor’s Walk used to be accommodation

“The growth in the number of professors made necessary the construction of new accommodation, which took the form of a row of houses built in the 1880s for professors along Professor’s Walk”

Want to check out more pictures of ancient MU?




So yeah, hope you enjoyed those ‘fun facts’. It may come in handy for trivia night!


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