Go away uni!

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Hey Melbourne Uni, I’m filing for divorce. In fact – I don’t think we can even be friends at the moment!

It’s definitely that time of semester where stress and anxiety levels skyrocket. Damn you week 8! And I’m sure I’m not the only one here who is feeling this wave of stress.

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with the amount of work that we have to do. From day 1 of second year, I felt like I’ve missed something. Lecturers blabble on about concepts that we should have ‘apparently’ covered either in high school or in first year. Such things that I have ZERO recollection of ever learning.


And you know, I can understand why people don’t attend lectures at uni. As much as I prefer to physically attend lectures, sometimes I find it hard to justify my reasons. Why should I attend a lecture, when I’m not going to understand a single thing? Why should I go, when everytime I leave the lecture feeling worse and more confused?

I love learning, I really do. But once you mix assignments and tests into it, it changes things. The focus of learning then shifts to your performance in these assessments, instead of learning for the joy of learning (if that makes sense?). Then the stress of assessments translates to your attitude toward the subject.


Uni is slowly shattering the remnants of self confidence in my abilities and in myself generally. Maybe it’s the case of the big fish in a little pond (high school), transitioning into a little fish in a very, very big pond (uni).

And I’m super jealous at people who are natural talented at bs-ing their way through assignments and tests, and those who don’t rock up to any lectures – yet still get H1s all around. I am still working to getting a H1 for any of my science subjects!


It’s been a challenge trying to balance everything lately. I can be a bit over ambitious sometimes. And sometimes I over-estimate what I can handle (I want to do EVERYTHING!). I am definitely a ‘fixer’ kind of person, so I find it really hard to let things slide when I know I can help. And this comes at a price.


There are so many things that I’m frustrated with the academic side of uni. And things that can be easily fixed as well! The lack of clear instruction, communication, organisation and support from lecturers is slowly driving me insane.

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 2.55.34 AM
Even tutors agree!

What is so hard about putting up lecture slides on the LMS? I’m even lucky to get lecture slides BEFORE the actual lecture.

Why is there no clear communication about assignments? Stop giving us contradicting or ambiguous pieces of information.

Why do you not want us to email you with questions about the lecture content? How do we get help? Why can’t you activate the discussion board on the LMS so we can ask questions then?

I completely understand why so many students drop out of uni. It’s tough gig!


Am I cut out for uni? Or is uni just not cut out for me? I don’t know. Can I even call myself a Science student? I’m practically an arts student in disguise. I don’t do chemistry, physics, maths…

And I also understand why uni students and booze go so well together

All I know is, I am in desperate need of a break.

So what am I going to do about this?

1. Look at reducing study load next semester. Perhaps dropping down to 3 subjects, and do an intensive subject over summer to make it up.

2. More exercise! Get more happy hormones pumping into my system

3. Maybe cut down on the caffeine intake. My caffeine intake is probably not healthy at the moment, and I think I’m building resistance to it anyways.

4. Go to bed earlier, and set a routine for wake and sleep times.

5. Form study groups! We can all learn and suffer together haha

And if you feel that things are getting out of hand…don’t forget that we have Counselling and Psychological Services available if you need to speak to someone for help! It’s free and confidential.

Things will get better! I am sure of it. Yes uni is challenging. It’s not all fun and games…but no pain no gain?


Stay strong!



12 thoughts on “Go away uni!

  1. Hey Daph, this is a common problem for really competent, clever, hard working students. The problem is often that you are working too hard (yes! it’s a massive issue!) and there are some really easy ‘working smarter’ techniques that not only take the stress off, but help you get better grades. Let’s go for coffee and I’ll pitch a post for you!

  2. Haha, there are so many people in this situation, myself included. Makes me feel a bit better :D

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I hear a glass of wine calling my name :)

  3. You’re pretty normal, y’know that? :p

    When you’ve been at Uni long enough, you’ll recognise that it’s always around this time of the semester (i.e. ~8th week) that things get stupidly stressful to the point where we all start contemplating thoughts like these.

    Keep your head up! Persistence is the key :)

  4. Sometimes you just have to take a day break and don’t stress too much about it :) take a night off, watch some tv and enjoy your day. I do that sometimes :)

  5. I definitely recommend dropping your course load over the regular semester and picking up extra subjects during summer/winter. I’m only doing 3 subjects at the moment, since I did Flora of Victoria (second year botany) in February. It was only two weeks at uni, plus a week for a mock ‘swotvac’ before an exam, and an assignment due after the first week of semester one. I don’t even like botany that much, but the reduced course load definitely makes it worth it. I got a great score out of it, too :)

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