Did you read the mX yesterday?


Reading the mX has become a routine thing every time I’m heading home from uni! And I spotted something rather interesting in yesterday’s mX.

(For those who haven’t heard about the mX. It’s a free paper with bits of news, entertainment, sports etc. It is distributed at major train stations.)

And if I had a scanner that works, I would scan this for you.

But I don’t. So my photos are the next best thing!

There was a 2 page spread for uni students (page 16 and 17).

The first page


Meh – not really relevant to us since we’re ALREADY at uni.

But it’s basically saying that mid-year intake is becoming the norm – people transferring courses, or taking half a gap year and starting uni in second semester. And the UMSU president is in there as well. She switched her Monash Arts course to Environments at MU.

Second page


The relevant bits! Okay, so here were some tips that various people have put forward on ‘how to write that kick-arse assignment’.

The jist of the articles:

1. Plan your assignments, complete sections of it, and then figure out how to research

2. Set fake due dates to your assignments. Set your assignment due dates a few days earlier so you’ve got extra time to fix things up.

3.  Ask your friends of family for feedback on your assignment

4. Get straight to the point, and answer the assignment question

5. Break down it into the main arguments, create a structure and make sure this matches your conclusion

6. Learn how to use proper academic language, grammar and reference correctly

7. Read more (apparently “the good writers in this world are good readers”)

9. Ask your lecturers/tutors for help

Seems like sound advice mX

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