Getting organised


Do you find it hard to keep track of what’s going on during your week? Need some help with getting organised?

In this post, I’ll share some little things I’ve picked up throughout high school/uni on how to get organised.

I’m quite old-school when it comes to getting organised. I prefer things on paper, none of this technology stuff. But, there are so many techy ways to get organised! Online calendars on your phones/computers etc. Pretty cool. But it’s not for me.

Here are some things I do to get organised:

Planning my week

DSC03097I take a screenshot of my timetable off the portal, print it off, then block out all the stuff that I’ve got on. This lets me see what my days are going to be like, helps me prepare for the day.

e.g. – Tuesday I’ve got softball training so I need to bring all my sports gear. Wednesday I have an excursion, meaning I need to read through the notes beforehand etc.

And when you plan study – it’s good to also write down somewhere WHAT you will be studying. I sometimes sit in the library for about 15 minutes, being very indecisive on what I want/have to study.

Anyways, this weekly planner gives me the general jist of the week and helps me arrange things!

Get a diary!

“Melbourne Uni don’t do diaries anymore”


Yes – we have melbourne uni diaries, but they’re not free! I got mine for $10ish at the Book Bo-op next to Ballieu. But I do quite like them! It’s nice and compact to bring around, and it has all the dates for uni in there as well!

And I also print out a mini size of my schedule and slip it in the plastic pocket on the side.

The next thing to address is…sure you have a diary. But do you actually use it?

How do I use my diary?


I tie a ribbon on the binder bits so I can flip to the current week for easy access.

To keep track of what week we’re in at uni, I write down the week we’re in at the top left corner.

For assignments, I will highlight them and tend to put a big circle around those big assignments. And depending on how big the assignments are, for example a 1000 word assignment worth 30%, I would write myself a reminder about a week and a half before it’s due to get started.

What should you put in your diary?

I would write in the uni’s academic dates, friends/family birthdays, assignment due dates, social events etc.

Read my previous posts for the academic calendar and UMSU calendar

Post it notes

Yes, that is facebook in the back while I am working on my assignment!

Maybe I’m a bit excessive, but I do like my post it notes. At the start of semester, I put up post it notes of all the assessments and assignments due. I write down how much the assignment is worth, how many words etc. This gives a visual timeline of how much effort I need to invest for those assignments, and the timeframe.

I found this quite effective, but I can imagine it may not be helpful to others as it may be stressful seeing those dates all lined up!

At the end of the day…

I think at the end of the day, it’s about playing around, trying different methods and see what works for you! There’s no one-size-fits-all thing when it comes to getting organised.

I’ve got friends who do not own a diary, yet they’re still super organised!

Academic Skills have great resources and tips on their website on how to get organised as well. Definitely worth to check out:

Daph :)

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