Life of a Biomed student


Biomed life – what is it like? Second year Bachelor of Biomedicine student Keit Loit takes us through his biomed experience thus far.


Hello all!

My name is Keit Loi (Pronounced “Keith” but without the “h”) and good ol’ Daph here has allowed me to write up a guest post for this wonderful blog.

I’m a second year Biomed student hoping to major either in Genetics or Microbiology. I enjoy Pokemon, Game of Thrones, and being surrounded by friends. Like Daphane, I absolutely love getting involved with Uni. (I actually met Daph volunteering on Open Day)

I’m part of the Student Host team at UoM- one of those people who lead high school groups around campus (Read: tour guide) and help out at various events during the year.

But enough about me…

It’s that time of the semester. Week 9. Assignments piling up, lots of revision required etc etc. A rare few will be on top of things and cruising while the rest of us continue to live in Struggletown.

Being in Biomed, I would like to say I am not in the latter group but sadly, I am. People seem to think that Biomed kids are all super smart and hardworking but I am an actual specimen that proves otherwise.

So, what is there to know about Biomed?

Well, first year is pretty restrictive in terms of what you can do (As many of you Biomed people would know by now)

There have been a few changes as to how it’s structured. Firstly, we used to have the option of doing Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Linear Algebra or Accelerated Maths based on your strength in Specialist Maths in VCE. Now they have replaced all thsoe options with Mathematics for Biomedicine. I do pity you guys quite a bit as I thoroughly enjoyed Calculus 2.

Also, we had the option to do Stats in either semester. I did it in the first semester and was happy because I got it out of the way. I have to say, Stats is so dry that it’s really really difficult to stay motivated with it for long. Throughout semester, I was barely keeping up with the stuff in the lectures but I managed to pull through with a good mark in the end. Keep at it!

As for the Biology in Biomed, I always described it on being more human based. If you enjoy that kind of Bio you will enjoy all the Bio core subjects. It’s that simple. Chemistry and Physics on the other hand, are pretty full on in Biomed. They cram a lot of content into the semester but it is required for all you crazy kids planning on doing Med. Oh yeah, I’m not one of them. Have fun studying for the GAMSAT over summer :)

I had also done Principles of Business Law (PBL) as breadth in my first sem of Uni. I was told I was silly for taking on such a full load in my very first semester but I enjoyed it anyway.

So yeah, this time last year, first semester at uni, kind of getting the hang of things, struggling with the steep learning curve but all in all I pulled through and you can too!

It probably helped that we had our mid semester break a bit later last year so that it didn’t feel like we were going at it for ages but eh.

It’s really easy to start burning out during this time of semester. Keep at it! Regardless of what course you are doing, make sure you are on top of things. I am telling you now: Leaving EVERYTHING till SWOTVAC Of course there are a few exceptions *shakes fist at them*, but it’s generally a bad idea. You have four subjects to worry about and leaving them for one week is not enough. Daphane has already covered a lot of advice and I wholeheartedly agree with her.

Uni is a great time of your life. Make sure you enjoy every minute of it. Get involved, hang out with friends, do some notes, RELAX! Don’t let it stress you out.

I actually have a another MST to study for (2nd year Biomed core subject, a casual 24 lectures for this one. It was 28 lectures for the first MST) but here I am doing this post. Makes me wonder how I got into Biomed in the first place.

Thanks for reading! Good luck with the remainder of semester!

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