The awkward moment when…

When someone is sleeping next to you in a lecture…starts leans on your shoulder…and starts to snore


What do you even do in this situation!? 

You learn more from a kid’s picture book, than a 1 hour lecture


I don’t think my lecturers will appreciate me referencing out of a kid’s picture book for an assignment

When someone walks into the sliding doors at Arts West


I must say…there is a surprisingly large number of people who walk into the sliding doors at Arts West.

When you instinctually shoo people away on South Lawn, thinking that they are trying to sell you a game of paintball…when it’s actually your friend saying hi

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 9.34.00 PM

I am so sorry!

Your course advisor enrols you into a subject that you can’t actually do


AGRI20003 Sustainable Food Systems…NOT for science students at all!

And the next one is not so much awkward, but a win

When someone’s phone rings in the middle of a boring lecture, and their ringtone is…

4 thoughts on “The awkward moment when…

  1. Very random and unprompted, but can I just say, your blog brightens up my day and makes me feel a little bit more optimistic every time I look at it. Every time I walk past you at uni I want to smile at you to express my gratitude, but that’d be really creepy (since you have no relation to me whatsoever :v). So, uh, yeah, keep up the great work!

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