PRACS: What do I do? (pt 2)

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Here’s part 2 of the pracs trilogy!

For part 1 –> First Year vs Second Year Pracs

WARNING! If you do not like skeletons, insects, worms, dissections…this is NOT your kind of blog post. There will be pictures of the things I do in my pracs in this post. But there’s nothing too gruesome or anything.

Although I mentioned that second year pracs have been rather difficult, I really love pracs because it’s so interesting to see/feel/do things first hand! LOVE IT!

And I also mentioned that photography is allowed in my pracs as well :)

Here is a snapshot of what I’ve been up to in my labs!

Examining skulls and relating it to their function

This was my very first prac, and I was SO excited when we each had our very own set of skulls to play with. (Gosh I sound like a maniac. I promise I am a normal person!)

I was so shocked that we could TOUCH these real dog and crocodile skulls and everything! I mean, I feel like I’ve always been conditioned not to touch anything in science class. So for me, this was amazing!

Looking at the different insects and their body parts

We had to go out and collect a jar full of insects as part of our prac. And strangely I quite enjoyed it!

Felt REALLY bad killing some beautiful insects though :(

After collecting them, we checked them out under our microscopes, and it was really interesting to see them up close!

Worst part was when I was packing up, and drop my petri dish full of dead insects all over my books. Fun times…not!

Molluscs and Crustaceans

I don’t think I mentioned this, but did you know that we had to buy our own dissecting kit? Pretty cool to own my own kit.

Here we had to dissect squid and the yabby, and label all the parts.

Worms, and more worms

We had a mini aquarium in our class for this prac, which was pretty awesome!

We checked out a range of different worms under the microscopes and had to label their structures and related that to their function etc.

Just want to say, never EVER walk barefooted around grass/ground. You have NO IDEA what some worms are capable of (some worms LITERALLY just crawl up your foot). Ew.

Tiegs Museum

To me, this is my favourite part of any prac – getting to use the museum!

So that’s a snapshot of what I get up to in my zoology pracs!

Pretty fortunate to get an opportunity to do these kind of things in pracs :)

Till the next post!


8 thoughts on “PRACS: What do I do? (pt 2)

  1. Such an interesting post… An insight into the zoology majors!! But safe to say, I am happy with commerce – just looking at the pictures of those insects is giving me itches !!!

  2. These photos are making me really excited for the second year Animal Structure and Function pracs :D
    The first year ones are stepped through almost too well, but they’re really boring and there’s no Tieg Museum next to the prac venues.
    Can’t wait :D
    (Also, to follow on from the worm thing, never Google parasites out of curiosity. It’s a slippery slope that leads to knowing far too much about horrific organisms and makes you never want to leave the house again :'( ).

    1. Hi! The pracs are great and you learn so much from them! And thanks for the heads up, parasites will never be googled then!

      Thanks for reading my blog :)

    1. Hi Hannah!

      Ooh I know, it’s super interesting in there!

      It says on the website ( that ‘access to the museum is by appointment only’. But the door to the museum is always open, so I’m not sure :S

      Maybe send an email to Vivian (her email is in that link) and check.

      Or you can always head down to the Zoology building and check it out. It’s next to room 105, it will say Tiegs Museum at the top!


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