You know it’s cold when…

You go to the Co-op to buy a scarf and gloves


Seriously, did you know that the Co-op sells scarves, gloves, beanies, jackets…what the hell! That’s amazing!


You are wearing just about everything in your wardrobe


Yet, there’s always someone on campus wearing singlet and shorts. WHAT?

When it takes you twice as long to get a cup of coffee on campus


I need a coffee on such a cold morning…but the line is so long…WAAAAH

There are so many people hiding in the library


Nice and toasty in the Baillieu! Hmmmm :)

You wear your lab coat as a jacket

Lab coat: multi-purpose use!

Been there, done that!

Your facebook newsfeed is spammed with weather updates


YES, I get it. It’s cold outside.

Stay warm my friends!

Daph :)

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